The New Zealand NZ Buttercup Squash Council (Inc)

NZBSC is the New ZealandButtercup Squash industry’s governing body, established by government statute as the largest “Recognised Product Group” under the Horticultural Export Authority Act 1987.

The NZBSC is responsible for all generic industry matters, including minimum grade standards, food safety and quality assurance programmes, developing new international markets for buttercup squash, generic in-market development and promotion as well as onshore activities such as research and development.

Trade Activities – How we can help you?

– By providing more information about the New Zealand growing environment

– Arranging for you to meet or contact NZ growers and exporters

– Providing information about the New Zealand export volumes to Korea and the logistics

– Informing you about the New Zealand food safety and quality assurance programmes

Click here for a list of exporters.