The Council

About the New Zealand NZ Buttercup Squash Council

The New Zealand NZ Buttercup Squash Council (Inc) (NZBSC) is the New Zealand buttercup squash industry’s governing body, established by government statute as the largest “Recognised Product Group” under the Horticultural Export Authority Act 1987.

The NZBSC is responsible for all generic industry matters, including minimum grade standards, food safety and quality assurance programmes, developing new international markets for buttercup squash, generic in-market development and promotion as well as onshore activities such as research and development.

The council and its activities are funded by levies on all export product. The industry is well organised.

Being a recognised product group under the Horticulture Export Authority Act has enabled the development of minimum quality standards for export product and to license exporters who wish to sell the crop.

All growers, packhouses and exporters must register with the New Zealand NZ Buttercup Squash Council yearly. This allows the council to keep growers informed during the season.

The key strengths of the industry are:

  • Consistently good tasting, good quality product grown in a “clean green” environment.
  • Industry quality assurance/food safety programmes.
  • Generic in-market promotion and market development.

Our In-Market Promotion Activities

The NZ Buttercup Squash Council typically identifies and seeks to build long term relationships with in-market participants who have a focus on the consumer, product quality and service and a desire to expand their New Zealand buttercup squash business.

The NZ Buttercup Squash Council will support these participants with generic POS materials such as nutrition information, recipe leaflets, posters (both product and country images) to capture the attention and interest of consumers and retail chain produce buyers.

It looks to work with all participants in the distribution chain as well as retail.