History of the NZ Buttercup Squash Council

The New Zealand Buttercup Squash Council Inc. (NZBSC) was formed in December 1988. The NZBSC has changed its name to the New Zealand Buttercup Squash Council Inc. (NZBSC).

The NZBSC is the Recognised Product Group for New Zealand Export Buttercup Squash under the provisions of the New Zealand Horticulture Export Authority (HEA) Act 1987.

The principal reason the industry chose to place itself under HEA regulations was a widespread agreement that higher quality standards were required than those mandatory under the specific international obligations of the then New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries export certification programme. Administrative guidance comes via the HEA.

Fresh export Buttercup Squash is a prescribed product under Section 24 of the HEA Act 1987 and the NZBSC is the Recognised Product Group.

Under this Act the NZBSC is required to have an Export Marketing Strategy (EMS). The EMS is updated annually to reflect agreed changes from previous season and approved by the HEA. The function of an EMS is to:

“Set out the general marketing objectives for the export of the product and the means by which it is proposed to attain those objectives…”.

The NZBSC sets and administers industry quality standards. It is responsible for generic market development and promotion. The Councils activities are funded primarily from growers of export buttercup squash. The Council does not trade in buttercup squash.